Super dirty talk

By using dirty talk in more subtle, indirect ways, your man will never be quite sure what you mean and as a result he will end up constantly thinking about you and what you said. This is crucial for keeping him attracted.

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Secondly, talking dirty is incredibly hot and arousing to your man if you do it the right way. Lie down with your bae and seductively strip off their clothes piece by piece. Ask them to touch one of their own body parts, like, say, their inner thigh. Then tell them exactly how you would pleasure that spot.

Be as creative and detailed as you would via text, like: Arun October 24,1: Reply Link. Charlene October 11,9: Am so really excited to see this on web….

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Tounkara October 5,6: Gerri August 19,2: Hes not my boyfriend yet, but what can I say dirty. Lena May 10,4: Fafa March 30,9: Val February 4,1: Is a lot of this website like sexual talk stuff? Do you send emails?? I like this article!

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Don January 8,1: Barbie December 7, Oh my god!! Jenn Mann answers your sexiest questions—unjudged and unfiltered. By Dr. Jenn Mann May 30, 9: Pin FB ellipsis More. Image zoom.

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Eva Hill. Close Share options. All rights reserved. You can say a lot without getting too graphic, if that's not your thing, and then you can look back on the fond memory together. This is a pretty basic dirty text, but it never really fails.

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Whether you want the conversation to turn into full-on sexting, or you just want to keep it light and fun, sending a sexy pic of yourself will definitely set the mood.

No matter what your fantasy is, it's always fun to talk them out with your bae. And who knows? It might lead to some actual fantasy fulfillment, which is never bad.

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If you're really in the mood to get super sexy, then just tell your partner what you want to do together. A text like this will go a long way in heating things up. I love hearing my name kristy lust how beautiful I am. My boyfriend says 'Oh God I love you.

85 Sexy Dirty Talk Phrases Guaranteed to Make Him Ridiculously Turned On

It's both loving and sexual, and it's just hot. During sex, I'm honestly not into the "dirty talk" thing. Personally, I like body language better.

For example, I LOVE it when my boyfriend pulls my hair a bit, or when he runs his nails down my back if i'm on top. I also love when he kisses my neck or ears.