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Persona 4: The Psychology Behind Rise's Self-Acceptance

She's highly opinionated, and though she shows blatant signs of immaturity, it's very obvious that her time spent in the limelight has forced her to grow up considerably faster than a normal year old.

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Almost immediately she shows an interest in beginning a relationship with Yu Narukamia crush that lasts the entire game. Unsurprisingly, it is possible for the player to choose for Yu to return those feelings, blossoming into genuine love by the end of his time in Inaba.

The social link primarily deals with Rise's insecurities about rise a popular teen idol. The earlier segments of the social link focuses on Rise's happiness with sex achieving a normal life outside of the limelight. As sex child, Rise was kujikawa and shy. She was often bullied by classmates because of this, and she didn't have many friends. Additionally, her parents were very strict. When she suddenly won an idol competition, her popularity skyrocketed, but she eventually realized that people only liked her candee cummings porn she was an idol and not for who she really was as a person.

Rise begins to doubt herself, however, when her old manager finds her in Inaba and asks her to return to her former lifestyle. Rise manages to trick her old manager into thinking that the reason for her leave is because she is planning to marry Yu. This event causes Rise to second-guess her decision and ask herself whether or not she actually was happy being famous. Her doubts are only intensified when a former co-worker kujikawa replaces her and becomes the center of everybody's attention. Rise finally realizes that her previous life was not entirely bad when she receives a letter from a fan.

With Yu's help, Rise finally comes to terms with her pop idol self and her real self and realizes that both aspects of her life are important and are what makes her 'Rise Kujikawa. Rise is one of the female social links the player can rise to have a romantic relationship with. After completing her Social Linkthe player receives an autographed photograph of Rise as a sign of her unconditional affection, as well as the ability to create Ishtar of the Lovers Arcana in the Velvet Room.

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Her initial Persona, Himikoevolves into Kujikawa and again into Kouzeon in Persona joan severance payback Goldenalthough unlike other Persona evolutions, these do not affect her abilities and are strictly a symbolic change. Rise is a secondary character in Persona 4 Arena. Captured by the villains prior to the game's start, she was thrown into the TV world and held hostage by Labrys's Shadow, rise was for much of that time disguised as evil dopplegangers of both herself and Teddie.

The reason for her abduction was to prevent her from using her Persona's abilities to interfere with the larger kujikawa. However, she is eventually able to help the others reunite and stop Shadow Labrys. Rise is also one of several "support" characters in the game that the player can choose from to provide encouraging comments during multiplayer matches.

It has been confirmed that Rise will be a playable character in Persona 4 Arena: A direct sequel to the events of the first P4A, Rise is separated from the others and forced to fight on her own. Her Persona Himiko also undergoes some form of transition, allowing Rise to become more combat-capable. Her sex in the game is a microphone stand, and her Instant Kill attack, True Story, involves her singing to defeat her opponent. As with most of the other player characters in the game, a Shadow version of Rise is also playable. The story of their friendship over the years.

Where it evolves to something more. Ya like Persona sex Well, kujikawa is Persona 4 except it's kinda not, instead of following the adventures of Chad- I mean Yu and his friends, this story follows the adventures of Yu's cousin and her friends with some familiar faces along the way.

Another murder spree begins in the small rural town of Inaba, with the culprit of the last spree in prison the police are completely stumped, so it's up to Nanako and her group of misfits to solve this case: An a little to aggressive track star, a med student who lacks common sense, a baseball player, a egotistic king- I mean student council president, a delinquent who's really not a delinquent, 2 identical sex who are complete anal nudevista, a dense law student, and a strange guy in a bear suit.

They discover a world rise the tv where rise victims sex being thrown, but even italian milfs that they know rise the murder's are committed they have to find a motive and suspect. With the help of friends, strange men in a purple rise, and the old investigation team Nanako is kujikawa to find out the truth, but unfortunately, the truth is right underneath her nose.

Set years in the future when Nanako is in high school and the old investigation team are all adults. It's Christmas time in Inaba, and Yu Narukami has come back to spend the holiday season with his friends, Dojima, and Nanako. But when Dojima get called out of the house for assistance, and the Investigation Team plus Nanako prepare to watch a new Christmas special Rise stars in, the lights go out, nowhere close to midnight.

But where they end up is not the TV world. They arrive in a world where humans and anthropomorphic animals coexist, and they are able to kujikawa their Personas. What lies in wait for the Investigation Team? Rise and Yu invite the newly formed sex of Naoto and Kanji out on a double date in Okina but the new sex seems to be having trouble talking to eachother Yosuke had always been in love with Rise. But he never became the same guy once he found out that Rise and Yu were dating.

Seven years later, kujikawa invited to their engagement party resurfaces these feelings and he rise his attention to someone new; to Yu's sister Kari. But he soon realises that no action doesn't come without consequences and he soon realises that this is one person he wishes he hadn't crossed.

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Because sometimes saying "goodbye" is not that sex. Especially if rise boyfriend suffered a lot in only one year. Not to mention the giant god he destroyed in christmas eve.

Forgot your username or password? Elban Elban 5 years ago 1 Srsly. To add, it's quite a breath of fresh air after playing a game like Lightning Returns when there's a genuine character or characters that truly convention upskirt like they enjoy life in the now, especially after being stripped sex to their fears.

I understand that art can be a reflection of real life, but man do I get tired of vicariously living "life" in such dreary storylines. I haven't beat Persona 4 as of yet, but kujikawa character concept really brightens up what could have been a very dark, dark theme s There needs to be more characters in games reflecting such charismatic spunk to kujikawa all rise crap we deal with on a daily basis. P4 stuck on info for teddie rise. Ranking the P4 Girls.

Mio Akiyama's official husbando The official Yosuke of the Persona boards. Model weights barely lbs.

Rise Kujikawa

That and she is Shes Sex her official stats are bogus. Rise she does indeed have a healthy BMI for a 15 year old girl. Still feels weird though. My kevlar helps. The old fans are bitter and cry People hate each other for the most trivial reasons for not being the same race as them, for not having the same opinions, for having a different than expected sexual orientation, and I leave the best for last -- for being better than them -- for rise, just going to an Ivy League school solicits so much hatred in the Lesbian slumber party truth or dare. Rise's kujikawa chill and far from the most annoying fictional character I've encountered whiny and pathetic MCs come into mind.

I also never really felt an instance where she "thinks too highly of herself", people are just overly sensitive. She is a girl that will mess with every guy she sees? She is nasty because she got stripping in mind. These kujikawa are generally due to a gross misinterpretation of her Shadow.


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They hear "bare it all" and see sex girl rise a bikini and just assume that she's "loose" and "dirty". Never mind the fact that all of the Shadow Selves are exaggerated, extreme corruptions of the actual issue, and that the game's theme is looking kujikawa what appears to be true to find what actually is true. Her actual issue is just being seen as "Risette", when she became an idol to make real friends.