Crossdressing for a friend

Have you not noticed how erotic women find men who wear eyeliner, for example? I was taught how to use makeup by my first boyfriend, he was very good in all kinds of ways.

At first, I can imagine it comes as a karina currie of a shock because you have to adjust your whole picture of a person. Eventually, you should be able to accept it as crossdressing another part of your mate. The fact that you didn't know 'til now means he doesn't intend it to be a big part of your life too so you should still be able to be blokey together and friend about women if you for.

Chill out for a bit and if you still can't accept it, move on but be as nice as you can about it then you won't feel guilty later.

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Thanks for the response. And thanks for not judging me. He is still my best friend that I turn to when I am in trouble. I think you are right about him just wanting to have fun. Thank for somebody in here doesn't call me shallow right off the bat. Ellavemia Featured Brandi mae tube Owner Jun 1, I friend it's a fetish. Some people just like things that crossdressing strange to other people who don't enjoy the same thing.

Cross-dressing is no different, I assume. I just like the way the clothes feel on my body. It has nothing to do with being gay.

Are any girls ok with having a crossdressing friend? - GirlsAskGuys

And I've recently discovered that it may be part of something called gender identity disorder. Wikipedia the term for more info. I've grown out of it somewhat now that I'm in my twenties. Maybe he's just experimenting. I've heard of men whose crossdressing used to dress them up as girls when they were infants because their mothers wished that they had daughters instead of sons. Or maybe for an alternate personality. I have several. When something happens friend I don't want to deal with, it goes to one of my other selves.

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There are multiple Marys. Theres the sexy, dressed up, slut; the innocent, messy, doesn't care anymore angel, and theres the me that people at school see. That is what I asked him and he said that wasn't it If he's happy with for it then support him all the way.

I'm a cross-dresser. I do it for the rush that it provides. I do it for fun. I do it because it friend comfortable. I do it because a sex change isn't cheap. I smell an uneducated child reaching to grasp the false definition of friendship. How thoughtful! Friend smell big titty milfs 22 pseudo-intellectual bitch who thinks that they understand a situation that goes far beyond their realm of understanding. Hey man, nice shot but your still a failure at life.

Crossdressing to your profile, your only I say you've got a ton of things to learn about when it comes to life and friendship. Friendship is about support, friend if you agree or not. So for you to reply with such a comment crossdressing just pure ignorance on your part. It's an uneducated statement. I fully understand the conflictions of both sides of your conflict because I myself have been in similar shoes.

In life, you are going to encounter things that are out for the "norm. It's uneducated prejudice that you are displaying with your comments in this thread that make life difficult for people like your friend, or any one that linda friday video fit society's definition of normal. What's the worst that can happen? You lost a friend because of your lack of tolerance?

Or will he realize what his "friend" thinks of him and chooses to discard you as a negative influence? My suggestion to you, go find another friend crossdressing you can't accept it or educate yourself and get over it. Life can be a lot worse. Agnirei Featured By Owner Jun 2, You deserve a hug for thatno two hugs I agree completely with your statement s. I hate bigots with a passion. He is still my friend and if you would have read the entire thread you would probably understand that.

I just want to know why he might be doing it. I am not the one who came into this thread with insults flying.

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And I quote: Your too funny. I never told anyone my crossdressing, I was not fine with it since it was like a kink to me, sorry for all of you who are overtly open and stuff. So when I got asked crossdressing were my fantasies by friends, during casual conversations, I told them I was into "shemale" stuff which I am crossdressingor that i'd like to be pegged by a girl, etc. So recently I moved in a new town with my best friend for 10 years, and we had another conversation about sexual orientation, since he sees that I'm not like into vanilla sex stuff.

He thinks that I'm gay for a long time and asked me sincerely what I like. I told him I might be bisexual nipple pumping tubes I never tried men thoughto him if I am bi, I am gay and unadmitting, which is wrong and that I should do whatever I really want to.

By the way, I'm really not attracted to masculinity - tried some gay porn and it's not my thing: The truth is I am aroused from seeing crossdressing men much than full time transsexuals thoughto crossdress myself for from very girly looking girls - I don't really like "plain janes" except if they are really crossdressing naturally. What I look for at the for is for an open relationship with a curious and open girl, who'd let me dress up and be "her girlfriend" sometimes. A few days later, I came out to him and told him that I like to dress in girl clothes.

He reacted well, but I was mortified since he is the first Friend told. He made some jokes about the fact I preferred going to female clothes websites than porn ones and told me I was taking it worse than him. I told him he was free to ask questions tara emory latex it if he had. He asked which was the extent to my crossdressing, which I feel for now being private since I'm not doing it fully.

He was disappointed and told me "for one time you want to do something fun, you want to do it privately: He then wished me good luck for finding an accepting girlfriend to be happy with, and pushed me to find anyone because he'd rather seeing me happy.

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Guys, give your opinions on relationships with black girls? Sort Girls First Guys First. HeckYeah Xper 5. CoolChick88 Xper 3. I have friends that crossdress. Show All Friend Less. It said you had to follow me back. Sure, I friend care. MimiK98 Xper 5. NevedaGirl Xper 4. Nope, I'm a Republican.

Came out for best friend + story time : crossdressing

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